Words are not required to express your feelings- Try these emojis


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Few decades before, Emoticons are the famous feature available in the top communication apps such as Yahoo, AOL Messenger and MSN. Now there is a migration in the way how the people are interacting with their family and friends and it has happened mainly through the social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Because of the technological advancements, there have been many new improvements were implemented in the devices. Smartphones are becoming the most important part of the people’s life and it provides a major platform to use the mobile apps.

The Emoticon has a long-standing history in the field of visual communication and the smiley gives an instant shortcut to express the universal emotion.

Emoji- a brief introduction

An emoji is the visual depiction of an emotion, symbol, or object. These emoji are now available in many apps such as text messaging apps and social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. There is library of emoticons are available and organized into several categories.

In some of the apps, the most recently used emojis are also displayed in a separate category. Several categories of these emojis are emotive images, food, creatures or animals, sports or activities, technology or equipment, motor vehicles, flags, hearts and symbols.

These emojis can be put into the conversation in multiple ways such as the user can select the symbol from the library and can type the symbol by using the keyboard shortcut. The most popular apps such as Snapchat and Facebook have a wide range of emoticons and used that in different types.

New emojis in Whatsapp

Emojis are playing a major role in the messaging apps and it also replaces the text in that messages. Whatsapp is seemed to understand this fact and it is actively working to improve the user experience with the emoji.

This new emojis will be mainly for the Android users and it has been already introduced in iOS 10.2 and Android 7.1 Nougat in the year 2016. It means that updated beta version of the Whatsapp for Android 2.17.44 is avail with these new Unicode 9.0 emojis. By this approach, the user can use these emojis on Whatsapp even if the user is not using Android 7.1 Nougat version. This new feature is now available for the devices that are running on Android Lollipop, Marshmallow and older versions.

There are about sixteen new emojis are seen in the library where some of them are new professions and most of the emojis are based on gender equality. The new beta version of the Whatsapp is about 32.53 MB that can be easily updated from the Playstore of Google. But, this version is not yet available as a stable and users are requested to wait for the balanced version.

Details of the updated emojis

In the recent update of the emojis, Whatsapp has introduced the new emojis, which has the all skin types and the user has to select the skin color. This update shows the racial diversity but this new advancement in emojis shows the gender equality. Hence, the new array of emojis can promote and reflect the equality in gender.

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In the existing library, the female emojis were displayed as getting a haircut, dancing and applying nail polish. The new list of emojis are also include the girl emoji’s of student, doctor, teacher, swimmer, athlete, detective, surfer, graduate, farmer, chef, cook, health worker, office worker, business, repair, mechanic, scientist, software engineer, factory worker, technologist, rock star and singer. It also has a female Santa Claus which was called as Mrs. Claus by the Unicode.

The Whatsapp has sent thirteen girl emojis for the approval but the Unicode emoji committee approved only eleven emojis. The rest of the five emojis are coming under the profession category and those emojis are representing astronaut, painter, judge, pilot and fire fighter.

Some of the additional symbols are of an avocado, a shrug, a boy and a girl doing face palm, a clown, butterfly, a dancing boy, bacon, a whiskey glass and a nauseated face. Few fascinating emojis are pregnant women, person shrugging, cowboy hat face, face palming, drooling face, rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL) and more.  It also includes the messenger like feature that is, when the user sends only single emoji, it will display in larger size and when it was sent along with any text message, then it will appear in its normal size.

Availability of this feature

This new feature is available only for the beta testers that imply that the users who have not signed up to be a beta tester are unable to use this feature. If the user is signed up to become a beta user, then the Whatsapp will offer the early access to all their new features and in some cases, it provides the features which are not revealed to the public.

In order to sign up for beta tester, the user has to go to Google Play Store and open the Whatsapp app. Scroll down the page till the end and there will be an option called ‘Become a beta tester’. The user has to click that option to become a Whatsapp’s beta tester.

Emojis in other apps

Facebook and Snapchat are having a number of emojis under the different category. Facebook provides an option called stickers where the user can add emojis to the images they are uploading to their profile. It also enhanced the functionality of the Like button by giving new emotions like Happiness, Sadness, Love, Laughter and Anger.

The user can also measure the number of persons like or dislike the video or post by sorting the reactions. The Messenger app also gives a gallery of huge emoticons which can be highly used in the conversation. It also allows the user to access the emoji store to download any additional emoji with the distinctive personalities. The user has to tap the plus symbol to view and select the list of available emojis. Snap Chat app also provides unique emoticons and offer a wide range of expressions.

Additional updates

According to the reports, it was predicted that Whatsapp will come with many new features such as live location sharing, status notification and more. It is working on the much-wanted fixes like displaying all the unread messages from the single conversation rather than showing the last received messages.

Now, the recent update will allow the user to unbundle the received messages from a single contact and also reply to the message separately from the notification bar. There is also an expansion in the number of messages displayed in the notification panel. It eliminates the persistent problem of the disappearance of the Quick Reply option whenever the user received a new message.

The Whatsapp has recently added the feature to support GIF and increased the limit of media sharing to thirty where early it allowed the users to send only ten media files to any contact at once. Another update of the Whatsapp in the iOS version is the ability of queue the messages when the absence of internet connection. It is also reportedly designing a new feature that allows the user to broadcast their live location to the other members in a group chat.

Author Bio: Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dectar a well-known Software products development and Mobile App Development Company based in Chennai, India. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like Scimbo – Whatsapp Clone Script. He loves exploring new things and sharing his knowledge with others.  


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