How to get Xiaomi Bootloader Unlock Permission

Hii everyone, in this post you will learn how to get Xiaomi Bootloader Unlock Permission. You can get Bootloader unlocking permission for  Xiaomi device very easily by following these simple steps. After getting the permissions you are the sole ruler of your device. you can use it for various tweaks and others like installing custom Roms.

Xiaomi Supports unlocking Bootloader and it doesn’t void warranty like other smartphones. Rooting doesn’t cause any warranty issue in Xiaomi Smartphones. The MIUI Rom installed in these phones are great for all purposes. However, we can install other Roms after bootloader unlocking. Other Smartphone Brands like Samsung and others doesn’t allow rooting or bootloader unlocking. It will Void warranty. Each company has their own unlocking method. For Example- to unlock a Samsung smartphone with the Exynos SoC we just need to go into the Developer Options page and tap the OEM Unlock option. It really couldn’t be more simple than that but then there are other companies like LG who make you copy some text from the command prompt, send it to them and then wait for approval.

Xiaomi falls a bit behind in the bootloader unlocking process. They are regularly trying to improve it so that it will help a user to use their Smartphone to the fullest. After getting permission you can unlock any Xiaomi Mobile without any permission.


NOTE – Backup all your Important data as Bootloader will remove all your data. Do at your own risk.


 Full Process to Unlock the Bootloader

1. Goto this website – Mi Unlock Link to get permission for your Mi account to start the unlocking process.

2. Click on Unlock Now and you will be redirected to the login page of MI.

3. Use only Mobile Number to login (Don’t use Email Id otherwise it will take time for verification).

4. Now they will ask you details why you want to unlock your device. Give them the correct reason why you want to unlock your bootloader.

5. After this click on Apply Now.

6. You will receive a confirmation message within 2-6 hrs.

7. After receiving the message you have got the permission to unlock your bootloader.

If you have any query feel free to ask in the comment section and if the above process changes then let us know in the comment section we will update it ASAP.