How to Pick a Good Email Verifier

Do you have a list of email subscribers that you stay in touch with by sending them periodical newsletters? Then you already know how important email hygiene is and how it reflects in your email marketing results. If you decided to give your list a good cleaning and you’re looking for the right tool, we have just the right tips for you. By the end of this article, you’ll know just how to pick a good email verifier.

Check the guaranteed accuracy

Some email verification systems aren’t explicit about how accurate they are, but others state their guarantee on the front page. How well does the email verifier clean your email list? This is an important aspect to look at before you make your choice. The accuracy rate should be at least 97%. ZeroBounce offers even more: an average of 98% and a money-back guarantee.

How complex is the service?

Some email verifiers have a limited technical ability, while others are more complex. Make sure the system not only detects emails that are going to bounce, but also spam traps, abuse, disposable and catch-all emails. Also, ask if you are going to be charged for duplicates removal and unknown results.

Is your data safe?

With GDPR being enforced this May, data protection has become an essential aspect of email verification. Do your research, read the company’s privacy policy and pick an email verifier that is GDPR compliant and handles your data responsibly.

Will you have customer support?

An email verifier should be easy to use, but still, there are situations in which you may need help. Study the company carefully to see whether it offers customer support. Some email verifiers, like zero bounce, provide 24/7 customer support.

Is the price right?

Of course, price is an important part of the equation, and it needs to reflect the quality of the service. The are serious discrepancies out there between the prices of different email verifiers. Just remember that “more expensive” doesn’t always mean “better.”

Getting your email list cleaned will take your three steps ahead of your competition, as you’ll reach more of your subscribers. Email verifiers remove invalid and risky email addresses and boost your sending reputation and email deliverability.