How To Place Bets in becric Website

Hello Friends, So Many people were asking how to Deposit and Place a bet in Becric So we have added the methods below.

How To Place Bets on Becric

1.  Visit becric Website and Signup for a New Account Using below Link

Signup Now

2. Now Once You Signup, Complete Your Profile for additional Cashback Bonus

3. Now click on wallet option and Deposit using Method 1

4. Deposit Rs.500 Minimum For easy Withdrawal as they have only 300

5. Play for the Complete 500 Amount and You Can Withdraw.


For Placing bets You will See IPL banner on the Home page just click on it. Now You will See Leagues, Click on IPL League and Choose match

Now Place Your bet on the Question, You want.

You will get a Confirmation and If you win, You can withdraw the winning money

The Minimum Withdraw is Just Rs.300 for IPL


We are Predicting the Games so You can Check Predictions from there