Install TWRP Recovery and Root Your Redmi Note 5 Pro Easily

Hey guys, hope you have successfully Unlocked Bootloader of your Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro. Now its time to Install TWRP Recovery and Root Your Redmi Note 5 Pro Easily to control your phone as you wish. After installing Twrp Recovery, you can install any custom roms in your phone. This is great, as many developers are making great Roms for this Amazing Redmi Note 5 Pro and this makes it more value for money.

After installing Twrp recovery, You will receive OTA updates in MIUI rom and can be able to install it directly without flashing it because Stock Recovery will be installed back into your phone and Twrp Recovery will be removed automatically. You will have to install Twrp Recovery whenever you want to flash any Software. So no problem in OTA updates.

NOTE– Do at your own Risks.


Step 1-Take permissions from Xiaomi For Bootloader Unlocking

Xiaomi Officially allows users to unlock Bootloader without voiding Warranty.

For that, lead to Xiaomi Unlock Bootloader and follow the instructions.

Step 2-Enable Oem Unlocking and USB Debugging

  1. Move to Settings in your Smartphone. Click on About Phone.
  2. Click 7 Times on MIUI version and then your Developer Option will be enabled.
  3. Now move to Accessibility in Setting and Select Developer Option.
  4. Now Enable Oem Unlocking and USB Debugging.

5. Now connect your Mobile to your PC and then you will receive a popup in your phone for authorization.

Step 3- Enter Fastboot mode

  1. Switch off your Phone and wait for 10 Sec.
  2. Press and Hold Power + Volume Down Buttons untill you feel the device vibrate and then a Bunny repairing something will appear in the phone.
  3. Now your device is booted in Fastboot Mode. Now connect your phone to computer.

Step 4- Flash TWRP Recovery

  1. Make a New Folder in your computer and copy all the downloaded files in that folder.
  2. In the Folder, Press Left Shift + Right Click and select Open command Window here or Open Powershell Shell Window here.
  3. Type- fastboot devices and a random number will be generated that will show that your device is connected to a computer.
  4. Now enter the command given below and press enter to install TWRP Recovery in your Redmi Note 5 Pro.

fastboot flash recovery <twrp file name.img>

Replace this <twrp file name.img> with the name of  TWRP file which you downloaded.

Example- if TWRP file name is twrp-3.2.2-0-whyred.img then the command will be fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.2.2-0-whyred .img.

5. You have successfully Installed TWRP recovery in your phone. Don’t switch off your phone. Just Disconnect it from Computer.

6. Now press the Lock + Volume Up Button together and Twrp recovery Mode will be opened.

Step 5-Rooting

  1. First Download this Magisk Zip FIle in your Computer and copy it to your mobile using Data cable in twrp recovery mode only or you can copy it to Memory Card and then plug it in your phone.
  2. Now click install in twrp recovery and select the downloaded file.
  3. Swipe right to confirm and it will be flashed in your phone
  4. Now select Wipe cache and then select Reboot.
  5. Your Redmi Note 5 Pro is successfully Rooted (First Bootup may take some time so don’t reboot it).


Need help? Let us know what do you need, or any problem that you are facing, via comments section below.