[Official Method] Unlock Bootloader of any Indian Redmi Note 5 Pro

Hii everyone, in this post you will be learning how to Unlock Bootloader of any Indian Redmi Note 5 Pro easily. In this method, you will have to make a backup of all your data because it will be formatted after bootloader unlock. I will tell you the fastest method to get permission from Xiaomi within 5 minutes.

In order to install Custom Roms and Miui Beta Rom, you will need Unlocked Bootloader. I have previously created a post in which you learned how to take permission from Xiaomi to Unlock the Bootloader. This is only required only if you have not taken the permission from Xiaomi, and if you have already taken the permission then you are good to go ahead to unlock your bootloader.

NOTE- Carry out all the process in your Risk. Charge battery minimum to 60 percent.


Unlock Redmi Note 5 Pro Bootloader

  1. If you are not having permission to unlock Bootloader then Goto this Link and get the permission (If having then proceed to next step).
  2. Visit Mi Unlocking Page and click on unlock now in the middle and sign-in with your Permission account.
  3. Download the Mi Unlock Tool in your Computer.
  4. Extract it in your computer and double click on MI_UNLOCK.EXE and then Sign in with your Mi account in which you got the permission.
  5. Open your mobile login with the same mi account for which you gained permissions and then go to setting and click about phone and tab 7 times on MIUI version to enable Developer option.
  6. Now move back to settings and goto additional settings then developer options.
  7. Enable USB Debugging and OEM unlocking.
  8. Put the SIM Card In of the same number that you made MIUI ID. Now you need to use a VPN to switch to China Servers. You can do that by Using PlexVPN or I have found this VPN App on some forums, which I have uploaded in this link – VPN App. If you are using the latter app, select China Line 2 in server and press connect.
  9. Now click on Mi Unlock Status and then click on Add account and Device. It will start linking your mobile with your Mi account and it will say account linked successfully(if this doesn’t work refer next step).
  10. If the above step doesn’t work then just boot your phone in Fastboot Mode.
  11. Wait for the phone to be detected in the Mi Unlock Tool.
  12. Now Click Unlock Button and wait for the countdown and click unlock anyway(twice).
  13. Now wait for the process to complete 100% and you will be shown success
  14. Wait for the Phone to reboot automatically and then activate your phone with your Mi Account.
  15. First Bootup may take some Time, so don’t switch off your phone.

If you have any query then feel free to ask in the comment section.